Staff Ed – On MCSG


MCSG is taking most of the flak-as it often does-for the sudden appearance of $160,000 of rollover money at a time when many orgs are receiving limited funds. Orgs related to racial minorities and queer sexualities have unfortunately been some of the orgs that have received the short end of the funding stick, but to say that MCSG has targeted them is a stretch. An MCSG member referred to a QU Event for which funding was requested as “hedonistic.” Contrary to what some have said, he was referring to the nature of the event, not the nature of the queer community. MCSG is not without fault, though. Sure, the business/accounting office’s software caused the miscalculation. However, once the availability of funds was made known to MCSG, the student body was not informed for two months. This lack of transparency is unacceptable. Mac students are not always the most willing to seek out information about the workings of student government, but MCSG had a clear responsibility to go above and beyond normal communications (i.e. publishing minutes) to tell the students exactly what was going on and how much money was found. This was a responsibility they failed to fulfill.