Senior Studio Art Major Profile: Sylvia Ferguson

By Anna Van Voorhis

Hometown: Lake Oswego, OR Favorite Planet: “Jupiter, because its moon Europa might show signs of past life.” Why you might know her: Along with a lovely picture of her on the Macalester Art Department refrigerator, she often frequents the 2nd floor of Olin Rice, seeing that she is also a Psych major. Why you ought to know her: Though Sylvia only took one art class at her high school, she took many art classes outside of her school. By the time she arrived at Macalester, there was no doubt that art would be one of her majors. Confident in this decision, she began to take art classes and soon found herself entrenched in the art department. Her favorite medium is paint, although she also enjoys working with sculpture, ceramics, and drawing. She admits that “I avoid charcoal like the plague, though; I hate having gremlin-y fingers all the time.” For her senior show she has played to her strengths and has created many small paintings and a number of ceramic pieces. This fall she will pursue another passion: psychology. She will begin her a Ph.D. program in Applied Social and Community Psychology at Portland State University. But for the summer she plans to rat- and mice-sit in Animal Care Facilities. Sylvia hopes to eventually do research in social psychology and plans on coming home “to an apartment packed floor to ceiling with art.” Although she doesn’t plan on being a freelance artist by any means, she could see herself possibly getting a MFA, if it could fit into her career. She’ll try to keep putting pieces into shows, but until then, you should take the opportunity to see her works at the Macalester Art Gallery! refresh –>