Senior Studio Art Major Profile: Lizzie Boyle

By Anna Van Voorhis

Hometown: Seattle, Washington Nickname: Barfle (carsickness as a child and migraines as an adult are to blame) Secret Talent: Mathlete from 6th – 12th grade Why you might know her: As a longtime member of Scoil Rince Mac, Macalester’s Irish dance student organization, you’ve likely seen Lizzie perform her Irish dance magic all over campus. Why you ought to know her: Lizzie flirted with many other majors before settling on Studio Art. She was in Introduction to Urban Studies for her first-year course, but it was “not my ideal academic area.” Physics, Mathematics, and Art History were all on the table at one point or another as well.

In addition to her final choice to major in Studio Art, she also included a Physics minor. Physics, like art, is something that allows her to “think spatially”. Being a studio art major also gave Lizzie the opportunity to study abroad in Paris: as she puts it, “there’s a reason studying art in Paris is a cliche.” Unsurprisingly, art history classes are way cooler when they meet in Parisian museums.

Paint is Lizzie’s favorite medium because of the use of color, and “how easy it is to change things in paint.” The painting process isn’t as permanent as other mediums, she says. She’ll be exhibiting four at tonight’s senior show.

This weekend has been circled on her calendar for awhile: in addition to the Senior Art Show opening at the gallery, she has choreographed a dance for Scoil Rince Mac at the Spring Dance Concert, which also opens tonight. Tech week has not mixed well with the rush to finish for the Senior Art show, but she’s hoping everything (somehow) goes smoothly. refresh –>