Senior Studio Art Major Profile: Antonio Sanchez

By Anna Van Voorhis

Hometown: Bronx, New York Nickname: Tony, shorted from Antonio Favorite Planet: “My favorite planet is Earth, yes the one we live in. Apparently there are thousands if not million of other Earth-like planets outside of our solar system. Unfortunately, we would die at about less than half way of our trip there. We need a time machine!” Why you might know him: Although he is kept fairly busy between being a full-time student and a full-time employee at a pharmacy, you might recognize Tony from seeing him around the art department. Why you ought to know him: Although he took barely any art classes in high school, art has always provided a creative outlet and hobby for Tony. When he thinks back on his time in high school, he remarks that even though there were close to zero art classes offered, “my low-income high school in The Bronx was more focused on getting students a proper education. It paid off.” When he got to Macalester, he decided to use the liberal arts aspect of the school to his advantage and delve into the different modes of self-expression offered by the department. Although he was initially considering mathamatics as a major, hoping to tie it to an engineering or design related field, the art department eventually won his heart.

When asked about mediums, Tony says that, “I love everything there is to know about paint and ink. For my senior show I am using markers, ink right out of the cartridge.” After graduation, Tony eventually hopes to open up his own business, maybe a barbershop or a maybe more retail-oriented store. He’s hoping to be able to involve design in some facet of his future, although he says that could mean anything from engineering to mural painting. And even with all the work he’s put into his senior show, he’s not too burnt out on art; he plans on beginning a MFA program soon. And, “Of course, art will be the spark of my future.” refresh –>