Senior Class Gift Letter

By Sennet Zhen

Dear Macalester Senior Class of 2011,

In the fall of 2007, our class of 452 wide-eyed future global citizens moved into our freshman dorms from our homes to what would be our new stomping grounds for the next four years. We chose Macalester because we all shared one common aspiration: to acquire the necessary education and experience to create a remarkable time to be alive for ourselves and future generations. It would be na’ve to claim that such ambition is unique only to Macalester students. It can be said, however, with insurmountable conviction that Macalester has gifted our class a lens to view the world that discriminates neither the exemplary nor the deplorable facets of the world we live in. With this gift, Macalester will bid us farewell in May as we depart for limitless destinations to change and improve upon the flaws of human society. Our endeavor to make our marks on this world begins not after graduation, but today.

The Annual Fund at Macalester extends an invitation to all members of the class of 2011 to contribute to the development and success of the Senior Class Gift. The Annual Fund provides support to everything from financial aid and academic programming to building maintenance and utility costs. It is funded by alumni, parents and friends. The gifts Macalester’s Annual Fund receives directly support each Macalester student’s financial aid and quality of life. And each gift received is in thanks to not only the dedication of our alumni, but to the hard work of the Annual Fund Staff and student fundraisers. Last year’s Senior Class gift participation rate reached 42 percent. This year, we aim to reach 60 percent participation among the 2011 seniors! Out of 452 seniors, 121 have given so far. Thank you! For those of you who have not had a chance to contribute yet, we need your help. The next time you are on a computer writing a paper or on Facebook, take five minutes to visit Make a gift in honor of your favorite professor or anyone at Mac who has made an impact on the last four years of your life. You can even text GOMAC to 85944. Wait for the text response and be sure to include your name, and class year (2011) to make a $10 donation to the senior class gift.

Thank you,

Sennett Zhen ’11