Scots Pride: Three cheers for queer reunion

By Graham Turner, Krista Jankowski

A lot of fuss is made about the lack of involvement among Macalester alumni, former students who seem to have cut and run once that mortarboard went flying at graduation. While this is a seemingly true critique of a majority of alumni, Macalester is fortunate to have several different special interest alumni groups, two of which are slightly more involved and active than most: jocks (The M Club) and queers (Scots Pride). Oh, the hilarity of that duo. While rainbow kilts are not currently stocked in The Highlander next to M Club window clings, queer alumni are not sitting idly by. This weekend, Macalester is hosting the first Scots Pride LGBT Reunion. With the goals of bringing together (what we would call queer-identified, but those of another generation would insist are alternatively LGBT, GLBT, Minority Sexual Orientation, or Homosexual) alumni from across the globe back to our little safe-space slice of St. Paul, the reunion promises to bring an interesting vibe to campus from September 29th to October 1st.
So why should current students, toiling through the first weeks of consistent homework this semester and their increasingly-drama-filled social lives, care about a bunch of older queers tromping back to campus for a few days? Well for starters, those who have made it out into the “real world” and are navigating life after Macalester will certainly have a few words of advice for students (read: nervous seniors) wondering about such a transition. There is also that potential for age gap-defying friendships to be made with queer alumni who are almost guaranteed to be ridiculously awesome (just like the current queer student population, right?).
The Scots Pride LGBT Reunion is also (like anything coming out of the alumni office) a chance to get alumni to pony up some money to support Macalester and student programs. However, as a non-alum, you can (and should) attend some of the weekend’s events guilt- and fancy-free. Events open to current students include the LGBT Art Show opening on Friday night, 5 to 6 pm in the Lealtad-Suzuki Center (first floor of Kagin Commons) or watching the Scots Pride Softball game on Saturday afternoon, 1:45 to 3:15 pm on Shaw Field. You’ll definitely find us at the special Dykes Do Drag! Show (featuring Macalester’s own Kings of Ramsey County: Mik Kinkead, Kristen Stoeckeler and Liz Kamerer) and after party featuring DJ Naughty Boyy on Saturday night, 9 pm to midnight on the MGO stage (in the Campus Center).
And if all that doesn’t get you hot and bothered to hang out with queer Mac students from years gone by, remember this: one day we will all join the ranks of alumni and if you’re going to be involved after graduation you want to make an informed choice. Scots Pride may be the lesser-known of the two biggest Macalester alumni groups, but they’ll definitely throw the better party.