Print of the Week

By Keith Couture

Artist: Keith Couture
Medium: Linoleum relief print, hand printedArtist statement:
“I am a sophomore studio art major. I really like printmaking. I also like making prints and giving them away for free. Some might say it’s a bad habit…but I don’t need to make money with my art (maybe I will eventually). I just need to make art for now. And here is this print I made for your and my enjoyment!”

About this print:
“I love my music. This print is a homage to my favorite band. I know what you’re thinking: lame. But this band is also composed of close friends of mine, so they are special. The title comes from a line in one of their songs. They’re called Saints Never Surrender.”

How it was printed:
“I cut chunks out of a linoleum block, rolled ink onto the rest and then pressed paper on it to transfer the image. I felt this method was the jiviest way to make this image because when you’re at a show and people are flailing around, music is playing and lights are flashing, whatever you see isn’t picture perfect, it’s sort of blurry and chaotic and full of passion, fury and joy all rolled into one!