Political science professors' Super Tuesday predictions

By Reporting by Amy Ledig

Adrienne Christiansen I predict, as I did months ago, McCain for the Republicans… I do not think it’s going to be a rout for Hillary, but I think she’s going to win more delegates on Super Tuesday. [Obama’s] got lots of momentum going, it’s exciting, but she’s put together a very impressive organization… I predict it’s going to be Hillary, but very close. We may come out of Super Tuesday with no definitive front-runner.

Paru Shah

Given the winner-take-all system employed by Republicans, I feel confident that by February 6 we will have a clear Republican candidate. And given the general upsurge in the McCain campaign, this could be his year. On the other hand, I don’t expect the battle between Obama and Clinton to be settled before Pennsylvania. So expect a lot more drama!

Patrick Schmidt

For the health of American politics, it’s better for it not to be resolved on Tuesday… A wise bettor wouldn’t put money on this game. I think it’s really difficult to say what’s going to happen on [the Democratic] side. On the Republican side, there’s such a uniform targeting of Romney. I wonder if to some extent with Romney, when you have a Massachusetts, Northeast guy, and a Mormon, if there are more Republicans willing to hold their nose to what they don’t like about McCain…