Philosophies of a Black Bear: Mac golf blog continued

By Tyler Hanck

Monday March 29If you are reading this sentence and are not currently an official follower of this blog, please take the two minutes to create and account and join the revolution. If you have been Facebook creeping my profile, you already know that I have posted this blog there with a truly priceless picture of Angie Ause, assisant golf coach, playing her bamboo flute. If you guys know someone who loves to laugh, and or play golf, send them a link to the blog.

Over the summer, I plan to post instructional videos from my home in Chicago. I will cover all aspects of the game from the fundamentals to the fancy stuff, with just a touch of quirkiness and, of course, comedy.

An old man is hitting on the range with his life long friend and weekend scramble partner. He hits slice after slice (like he has for 50 years) and in frustration, for their match is about to begin, turns to his friend and says, “I wonder if my doctor is going to cure my cancer before I can cure this slice.”

His friend responds, “I know which one I am rooting for.”

Tuesday March 30

Last night I was telling Julia Huerta ’13 and Lora Hlavsa ’13 of my aspirations to one day become a golf-based philosopher. I would travel the county from golf course to golf course, find a great big shady tree to sit under, and people would gather around to hear a few philosophies of a Black Bear.

“Possibilities are limited only by our ability to conceive them.”

“If you hold your breath too long, you may pass out. If you hold your tongue too long, you might as well be passed out.”

“Wisdom isn’t just for the wise.”

“Perspective is made, not found.”

“Time is the ultimate leveler of all things bad and good.”

“Anger is the untrained predecessor of disa pointment.”

“Golf is a game. What then do you call life?”

“A championship golfer lives and dies by the putter.”

“The mind and the heart play a constant tug-of-war. If progress is to be made, someone is going to have to fall in the mud.”

“After a marathon, there are many sore losers. There is also one sore winner.”

“People talk about diamonds in the rough. Why else do you think I spend most of my time there? I practically aim there off the tee.”

“Sometimes what is lost is not worth finding.”

“Patience is more than just a virtue. It is a necessity.

“I can’t even remember my fondest childhood memories anymore.”

“Being in love is like eating alligator meat. Some poeple live their whole lives without ever experiencing it.”

“Be the mean.”

“Drink a little more water than you think you need, and a lot more than you want to.”

“I heard there are no right angles in nature… just wrong ones.”

“Holding back tears is as foolish as holding back laughter.”

“Sometimes I think the greatest part of the day is that first moment when you wake up in the morning. For that split second, you don’t have a past because you haven’t remembered.”

“Humor is truth disguised in riddle of words.”

“Compassion is realizing it could have been you.”

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