My First Time

By Anna Chastain

I was 18 my first time and I’d been following him for like 9 months. He looked good on paper, in his family portraits, in candid shots of him sprawled on a beach towel by a lake. He promised me stuff, promised my parents stuff, told my grandparents he’d look after them in their later years.
He gave me a soft, safe feeling inside. I wanted him in there. It was time.

I fought down the doubts.

Like: When it came down to it, could I trust the man?
Like: I was new at this. He could hurt me. He could refuse to acknowledge my calls. I might come away and never want to do it again.
I did it though. I won’t say I was never disappointed. I will say I kept doing it, over and over again. I even did it for him again, later on, when he needed it. It just felt so right in the end. It just felt so good to do my part.

So do it with me.

Vote. November 7th. Macalester Plymouth United Church.

Inspired by the “Women’s Voices. Women Vote.” campaign’s “My First Time” public service announcements.