Meet the Candidates


For the Financial Affairs and Program Board chairs, elections will be held at the beginning of Spring semester, rather than the end of the semester in April. They will stand as Chair-Elect for Spring 2012 and act as an apprentice since these positions require a longer transition period. The Chair-Elects will officially serve as chairs for the 2012-2013 academic year. Our hopes for this change are to better serve the student body, in allocating funds and programming school-wide events. Elections for President, Vice-President/Student Services & Relations Chair, Academic Affairs Chair, and Student Organizations Chair will still be held in April 2012 for the following 2012-2013 academic year. Ballots will be sent out on Sunday, February 5th and close on Tuesday, February 7th. Send any questions or concerns to [email protected] PB Candidates Chanda Cheung My name is Chanda Cheung and I am a junior Applied Math/Statistics major. Throughout my time at Mac, I’ve been involved with Track and Volleyball as well as Kilt Krew. I’ve always loved being involved and planning events because I believe that while school should be a lot of work, it should also be fun! I think that it is important that we form a community and have events here that bring us all together. Being involved in Program Board would enable me to plan events at our school that we can look back on. We need to have events that cater to the many diverse interests that we have here at Macalester College. While this may be a difficult task I am willing to put in the effort to make events like Winter Ball, Springfest and many others an incredibly fun time for everyone. Will Johnson My name is Will Johnson and I am a junior psychology major with minors in sociology and statistics from River Falls, Wisconsin. I joined Program Board as a sophomore and have been the Cinema Coordinator for the past year and a half. Some of my favorite events I have put on include the first annual Best Picture Oscar Marathon, and screenings of Casablanca and Fargo. Since joining Program Board, I have learned what goes into planning fun, well-attended events. I feel like this experience within the Program Board is essential to being a successful chair. It’s very important to collaborate with other student orgs, as well as making sure to not over-program or program redundantly. As Program Board chair, I plan to be a responsible steward of student funds and to continue this year’s goal of spending efficiently and carefully. My goal is to find the best ways to fund traditional student favorites as well as experimenting with creative new events. I am active on campus as part of the Quiz Bowl team, a member of the Blue Monkey Super Dope Crew [the frisbee team], and am a frequent competitor in Macalester Intramurals. Feel free to contact at [email protected] or through Facebook. FAC Candidate Hello there— my name is Kate Hamilton, and I’m running for Chair of the Financial Affairs Committee (FAC) of MCSG, a committee comprised of both MCSG members and students from Macalester at large. The FAC allocates the student activity fee to organizations on campus, and this can be a difficult process: events on campus are worthwhile to fund and add immensely to campus culture, yet we must operate within a finite budget. Having served on the executive board as Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) this past year, I have come to know the procedures of MCSG very well. In my role as AAC Chair I have had a glimpse of the process through which the decisions of the FAC are made, and I would like to work with this year’s (wonderful) FAC to help create and implement some guidelines to make the decisions more clear-cut and standardized for next year. I know that I could help guide the committee toward a fair process, and am excited to work with student organizations to help them put on some great events that honor their hard-work. I encourage anyone interested in this process to contact the FAC next year when it comes time to create the committee and applications are sent out. The FAC is a tangible way to get involved in the Macalester Community, and diversity of thought and opinion is critical in creating a fair process. I think that I can do a good job in this position given my experience and involvement on campus, which allows me to consider the many facets of each allocation decision.