MacGOP: Featured Org of the Week


Due to the arrival of the Republican Convention to St. Paul, The Mac Weekly thought it would be appropriate to catch up with our own group of college Republicans, MacGOP, with President, Martin de la Presa-Pothier ’09 and Christina Eichorn ’11.The Mac Weekly: Enlighten us about MacGOP, what is your organization about?

CE: MacGOP is a place where students with a conservative political stance can get together. But there are conservative students here, and we’re here to reassure those students that they aren’t the only ones, even though it may seem like it.

MP: We act as a resource for conservative students on campus.

TMW: What are your goals for this upcoming semester? Do you have any plans for the election?

CE: For the election, we want to publicize the conservative viewpoint. We’d really like a joint workshop with MacDems. I think it would be the most effective thing for MacDems to present about Obama and MacGOP to present on McCain. I mean, we’re not at war with them or anything. We’re not the West Side Story.

MP: In general, we’d like for MacGOP to be more active on campus, it’s definitely important for us to have good discussions and good exchange of thought. It would be great for the school as a whole if there was more political diversity.

Also, Mac Studs is coming back, the MacGOP calendar. It should be out by the end of the month. We’re also definitely going to have something for Veteran’s Day again. Both of those things you can count on.

TMW: Any last words?

CE: We’re not opposed to the Democrats’ point of view. We understand that it’s an opinion and that it’s an incredibly valid opinion. If anyone wants to come out and come talk to us, they don’t necessarily have to be conservative to talk to us about politics, as long as all of us are willing to keep it respectful. We want Macalester to be a safe space.

MacGOP is looking for new faces. Interested? Email MacGOP’s President, Martin de la Presa-Pothier ’09 at [email protected] or Christina Eichorn ’11 at [email protected].

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