Mac students robbed near campus

By Marissa Warden

David Ellison ’12 and Sam DelSerra ’12 were robbed at gunpoint on Oct. 17, around 11 p.m. DelSerra said they were leaving a party on Grand Avenue near Kowalski’s Market when they passed a car with several people standing around it. The two continued walking for a while and noticed they were being followed by two black males in their 20s wearing dark hooded sweatshirts and bandanas on their faces. The suspects pretended to tie their shoes when DelSerra turned around. Ellison and DelSerra continued toward campus, walking faster. The men ran up behind the students and held a gun to DelSerra’s head and demanded money. “The way they were saying it,” DelSerra said, referring to the assailants attitude, “was like they didn’t want to hurt us.”

DelSerra was wearing Ellison’s backpack, which the suspects raided through, but didn’t take anything. DelSerra had a bag with her and $5 in cash, which they took.

“I just didn’t want to get hurt,” DelSerra said of her reaction to the situation, “I didn’t have any money on me and I was afraid they’d get angry.”

The assailants fled west from the scene after taking the money. Ellison and DelSerra returned to campus. One of DelSerra’s friends found the R.A. on duty who proceeded to call the police. The campus was informed of this event via a Bulletin Flash Oct. 18.

Ellison was unavailable for comment at press time.