Mac Snap shot: Spencer Retelle '11

By Sarah Krumholz

Tell me about your style.
My style usually consists of multiple influences. The main one is what I wake up in, but I really just like to wear things I like. I like to wear things that are me, not who I am, but how I feel in the morning. Whether that is hung over or showered, which are definitely mutually exclusive.So you were recently incarcerated. Did your experience in the slammer make you revaluate your fashion choices?
I realized I am definitely not an autumn, orange is not my color. But some people who will remain unnamed look really sexy in jumpsuits.

So you’re a student, clearly an activist, but what else do you do?
I “do” track, not necessarily run rack. I am an avid watcher of Law and Order SVU. I really like trashy TV like Biggest Loser, which I can watch by myself eating Ben and Jerry’s. I creative write. I do activities that are similar to how I dress. I dress and do things that are fun and make me feel good which is hard to categorize

What is “well dressed” in your words?
To me well dressed is just someone who is put together, but not necessarily put together in the formal sense. It is someone who enjoys what they are wearing.

Do you think Macalester has it’s own style?
I would say certain enclaves have certain clichéd outfit tropes, but I don’t want to over generalize Macalester as a whole. We’re smart kids, we know what we wear is reflective of what we are.

Any style advice?
As a person who is not a skinny bitch at Mac let me say skinny jeans are a demon. They make my thighs look like pork loins saran wrapped to the point of exhaustion. I think there needs to be less focus on look how many ribs you can see and more on comfort because let’s be real–I’m comfortable like 95% of the time.