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By Jamie Macpherson

March 24, 2009: Three Little StoriesLooking at myself in the mirror this evening, as I am wont to do (wont is our word of the week, heavy British pronunciation), I realized my shirt was on backwards. This means I have worn my shirt backwards all day and never realized it. Huh.

Also, our stove top was being weird. I put water on and went to the bathroom and when I came out it smelled like gas, so I went to investigate. The flame had somehow blown out (just one burner, not the other…), while it continued to merrily pump in gas. My roommate has decided this is a ruse for me to kill her. I figure, there are worse people to go down with.

While stealing internet at McDonalds (the combination of a looming paper and the Cadbury Creme McFlurry are just too good to pass up), I put my feet up on the chair across from me at the little two person table. Later, I was asked to remove my feet, as they might offend someone. I understand what they meant, I just found it amusing. Also, we have a rosary group that meets there regularly; a group of 12 or so old men who sit there chatting as they work through their beaded rosaries. I am amused by this as well.

March 22, 2009: Weekend Escape

Mmm, so I finally saw “Australia” today, due to a mistake on my part last week (bought ticket to a show I couldn’t go to, so this was my money back). It was awesome, really loved it. (And not just Hugh Jackman either… or the free wine). I felt like it touched on a lot of different class, race, and political issues that make up what Australia is (or at least what I know about it). And then there was also the whole reinforcement of the romantic sap that I am (lest it be forgotten…).

Yesterday was also a majorly productive day in terms of crossing things off The List; went to Borough Market (picture day to follow soon!), the Tower of London (with her head tucked… maybe only Ben C will get that) and finally Fabric, this infamous London club. Jenny had told me about it last summer, and while it wasn’t officially on The List, it was a must, so now it can be crossed off. Wasn’t that great of a time. Had fun dancing though, although flat techno is not worth it (nothing against techno, the DJ was uninspired). I had more fun than my friend though, which means I now owe him (I made him come because I needed BADA support to balance out all of my other friend’s friends). So now I have to cook him dinner. …This could get interesting. Thoughts on simple meals?

March 20, 2009: Lovestruck and Chocolate

Two random stories, not really related.

After a particularly long week and difficult day, I decided I needed chocolate. So I put on my coat and shoes, grabbed some change and walked to the store. Picked out a new candy and brought it up to cashier, who promptly pointed out I was a pound short. ( I thought the 10p piece was a pound). I apologize and go to try to find a different candy bar. I find a large Galaxy bar for 1.26. I present the new candy bar to the same cashier, half sheepishly, but also proud that I have found a candy bar suitable for my price range. He points out that one pound and two 10 p coins are not sufficient. I now feel incredibly stupid. I think he realizes though that it’s been one of those days, and I desperately need chocolate. He tells me just to pay with what I have. An hour later, I am eating said bar, watching Mamma Mia (don’t judge!) and feeling better. Points for him.


I have taken lately to reading the “Lovestruck” section of the London Paper, a free semi-professional daily paper. “Lovestruck” is a section where people can text mini messages to random people they have seen and have been smitten by. Example, “To the shy blond guy on Wed., do we both board the 7.54 from Shepard’s Bush? I’m the middle carriage girl, even more shy than you!” Sappy? Yes. Sweet? Most definitely. And some of them have great story potential, like this one: “To the lovely girl on the DLR… You thought I was disabled and helped me with my fold-up wheelchair, which was actually a bike. Trust me, I’ve got full feeling in both legs.” It appeals to the sappy romantic in me, I’d like to think that some of these work out in the end.

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