Location for Institute still unclear

By Hattie Stahl

As the Institute for Global Citizenship launches this month, questions remain over where the college will house the new division.

According to Ahmed Samatar, Dean of the Institute, there are plans to create a home for the Institute.

“There are different places we’re looking,” Samatar said. “But it’s too premature to know where we’ll end up.”

While there is a possibility that some of the Institute leadership will move into the International Center sometime this summer, it is too early to give an answer either way, said Michael Monahan, director of the International Center.

According to Monahan, some Institute staff, including Samatar, have conducted a walk-through of the International Center building to examine how much space would be needed to house the Institute in that building, as well as how space would be divided.

John Ullmann, the executive director or the World Press Institute (WPI), which is currently based in the International Center, said that there have been talks about the possibility of WPI moving out. If this is the case, WPI has requested that the move happen before June, when a group of fellows is scheduled to arrive, Ullmann said.

Ullmann has received no definitive response from the college.