Local Scene: Architecture in Helsinki

By Maya A. Weisinger

Program Board’s much-anticipated event of the semester is nearing. The Australian indiepop group of five will be bringing their dance-hop sound to the Mac campus on November 22nd. The turnout and review of this concert will help to put Macalester College on the map as a legitimate concert venue in the Twin Cities. This community-oriented goal has been the point of focus for the Concerts and Festivals Commitee, the subgroup of Program Board responsible for the major music events held on campus. This concert is expected to pull in fans from across the Twin Cities. Architecture in Helsinki will be here with Dom and Lo Fi Fnk on November 22nd Pre-listening Tracks: Heart It Races, Do the Whirlwind, Maybe You Can Owe Me, Wishbone, Contact High, Escapee Mac students must pick up their tickets at the Info Desk before November 22nd. Tickets are FREE to Macalester students, $5 to other college students and $10 General Admission. Doors open @7pm and music starts @7.30PM in the Leonard Center. Leonard Center