Letters to the Editor

By Contributor

To the editor:
Back in October, the Civic Engagement Center, MACTION, and FIA/STARSA joined together to sponsor a Halloween event we simply called “Trick-or-Treat for Canned Goods.” Basically, the idea was to recruit Mac students to trick-or-treat around the neighborhood for non-perishable food donations and toiletries for two St. Paul non-profits: Neighborhood House and Women’s Advocates. In the end, about 60 Mac students collected over 1300 pounds of food for these organizations. We (MACTION, the CEC, and FIA/STARSA) wanted to write this letter to send out a big THANK YOU! to everyone in the college community who made this event a huge success. During our planning, we never imagined that we would recruit so many people or collect such a tremendous amount of food, so it was great to see how the event turned out. It was also fantastic to have the support of so many organizations on campus. Athletics sent out several teams, Reslife put groups together, several student organizations came out as a team, and many students put groups of friends together to come out trick-or-treating. We really can’t thank everyone enough for being so supportive of this event—it truly was a great success. Hope to see y’all next year!
Josh Schukman
Alissa Ridenour
Katie Lim
Anu Sreekanth

To the editor:
Last week’s open letter to President Rosenberg took on a laundry list of issues ranging from need blind to the new athletic facility and the Coke campaign. My name was attached to this letter without my consent. I never saw nor signed it.
However, the letter addressed the one issue I believe is most critical to the Macalester community — need blind admissions. I stand by its position on need blind, and the value of equal opportunity that position represents. In the U.S., whether or not a student gets into a school like Macalester already depends largely on class. Class dictates the quality of the high school a student can attend, opportunities inside and outside of the classroom and even standardized test scores. Removing need blind institutionalized this system that makes college something that depends not just our abilities but also on the money in our parent’s wallet. In America the level playing field is a place that is quickly fading into myth. Macalester, as a leader in the nation, must take a stand that recognizes the power of education to shape a great society. If we as a community believe in equal opportunity, we must work to reinstate need blind at Macalester.

Maggie Thompson ’07