Letters to Editor


Letters to Editor

Clean Energy Revolution Starts Here

To the Editor:

In the face of a federal government deaf to its own scientists, citizens, and the world, Macalester is building a clean energy revolution. This coming week, a day of action could make a world of difference. A group of Macalester students from MacCARES and MPIRG are leading a coalition of Minnesota colleges, community organizations, and environmental groups to victory on clean energy at the Minnesota legislature.

Major clean energy legislation, like the 20 percent by 2020 Renewable Energy Standard, is at a tipping point in the state capitol and now is the time to act. The groups organizing a rally and lobby day on March 27 are making big waves across the state. Even national groups are focusing on Minnesota, to see if the state will regain its position as a leader in clean energy. Students who care about clean air, clean water, and the growing threat of global warming can do something about it, by coming to the rally and lobby day on March 27 at the State Capital.

This action builds on a growing Macalester clean energy movement winning victories on campus, like green building and green roofing and developing ideas like biodiesel and investing in utility-scale wind turbines. This student movement, both at Macalester and across the country, has taken leadership and is pushing cities, states, and the country to change American energy consumption from coal and oil to clean sources like wind, solar, and biomass. We can tackle global warming and end our dependence on dirty, imported sources of energy. Learn more about this movement by taking action next Monday, or joining with students at Campus Camp Wellstone, on March 31 and April 1.

Richard Graves `06