Letter to the Editor


To the Editor:In last week’s issue of The Mac Weekly, we were treated to yet another review of local coffee shops (“Coffee Talk,” Feb. 22). However, this time, the article actually stood out to me. This was not because it highlighted lesser-known destinations for caffeinating or offered particularly helpful advice, but because it was perhaps the most offensive article I’ve read so far in The Mac Weekly.

Eva Thea Kuhn quickly rejected Cosmic’s coffee shop as one that’s poorly suited to studying. While I don’t doubt that this is true, her justification for this conclusion dismissed and insulted the intended patrons of Cosmic’s: recovering alcoholics. Her sense of entitlement-God forbid every coffee shop doesn’t cater to those pursuing a higher education-and her severe tactlessness when describing people struggling with addiction are appalling.

Kuhn ended her article by advising, “Walk another block to Cahoots and caffeinate with your own kind.” The unabashed arrogance exhibited in this quote and throughout the review personally hurt and deeply insulted me. I would hope for a bit more compassion and decency from The Mac Weekly in the future.

Molly Brown ’10