Letter to the Editor


To the Editor:The only discernable point I ascertained from your article “Franken or fiction” was that two years ago one person had a disagreement with Al Franken.

In fact, beneath all the rhetorical polish and turns of phrase, you failed to provide your readers-especially the thousand or so who weren’t here in 2006-with any evidence of Franken’s offensiveness.

Even if he did offend Alex Park, that is hardly a reason to dismiss a candidate who has dedicated a considerable amount of energy and time to understanding Macalester’s views and needs.

Next time, focus your considerable writing acumen less on elegant syntax and more on thoughtful, nuanced and factual argument.
And in times of desperation, don’t resort to ridiculous and offensive comparisons to someone as vitriolic as Don Imus.

Zach McDade ’10