Letter to the Editor

By Anna Waggener

To the Editor: I would like to commend the author who wrote a letter to the editor for the March 13th edition of the Mac Weekly, as well as the Macalester Men’s Soccer team and Kilt Krew for their pieces published on March 6th. All of them displayed maturity and a willingness to begin a productive dialog on campus.
I hope that it’s understood that I never intended to offend anyone on campus with the publication of my opinion piece on February 27th. Although I welcome a discussion on campus, and would be willing to partake in it, it appears that many people have attempted to sidestep the issue by instead making either my article or myself the target. I take no issue with the Leonard Center, and fully realize that athletes have more to offer than their physical abilities. I also think it unwise to discount an entire opinion because it was expressed by “a first year” or by arguing that it was formed of “snap judgments” in the form of a “stereotypical rant”.

But this isn’t about me. This is about the question of support-it is one that asks who deserves respect and who represents the Macalester community. The short answer to both is that we all do. Getting there, however, is a longer process, and one that requires open minds on both sides. I only hope that we cross the finish line while I’m still at Mac to experience it.

Anna Waggener
[email protected]