Kenyan scholar shares stories

By Emily Smith

Kenyan scholar and novelist Ngugi wa Thiong’o visited Macalester’s campus Wednesday afternoon. He is a professor of English and Comparative Literature and the director of the International Center for Writing and Translation at the University of California, Irvine.Born in Kenya, Ngugi is one of the most noted scholars of the African continent. While teaching at the University of Nairobi in the 1970s, he renounced the English language and advocating teaching world
literature, not only literature in colonial languages.

The Kenyan government arrested Ngugi and kept him in prison without charging him from 1977-1978. When he was released, Ngugi fled Kenya and has since taught at several universities in England and the United States.

When he visited on Wednesday, Professor Ngugi ate with members of Afrika!, held a seminar for students in classes that have studied his writings and spoke in Weyerhaeuser Memorial Chapel.