Janet Wallace to get permanent coffee cart

By Kevin Xiong

A coffee cart staffed by Bon Appétit will grace the Janet Wallace Fine Arts Center next semester, provided confirmation of logistics. Daily complimentary coffee and cake were available in the building earlier this semester to celebrate the reopening and renovation of the Fine Arts Center. The President’s Office temporarily funded the concessions through Fall Break. President Rosenberg plans to introduce a heavy-duty coffee cart as a replacement. “I’m hoping [the Coffee Cart] will happen and be up and running next semester,” said Rosenberg. “It would presumably operate as a small coffee shop, with drinks and snacks for sale.” Rosenberg described the coffee cart as a smart investment. “It’s pretty low risk: if it turns out not to be popular we can sell the cart and recover most of the costs,” he said. “If it turns out that people like it, it will be great.” Student reception of the cart has been relatively positive thus far. “I think that’s a rockin’ idea,” said Andy Kaesermann ’16. Normally a home-brewed coffee aficionado, Kaesermann admitted he might buy coffee from Janet Wallace given the chance. “Yeah, I traffic through Janet Wallace once in a while and it’s near a lot of my classes,” he said.”[It would be] more convenient since it’s on campus.” Lam Lai ’16 expressed similar sentiments. “I appreciate juices and snacks,” he said. “A lot of students have classes in those buildings and it will be better than walking all the way to Café Mac only to find a long queue.” Ideally, the coffee cart will be more accessible than the previous snacks, which were only available in the morning hours on a first-come, first-serve basis. Sarah Horowitz ’13, a witness of the coffee and cakes era, never found the incentive to break her wake-up routine by visiting Janet Wallace. “I make my coffee, my honey, my yogurt, and grab my New York Times,” said Horowitz. “To me, that’s how the day starts. It never felt important to go out of my way.” However, Horowitz isn’t opposed to the upcoming coffee cart addition. “Caffeine plays a critical role in an academic experience,” she said. And if the coffee cart plays out, perhaps Janet Wallace will see more than just a coffee cart addition over the years. “A big comfy sofa would be nice,” Kaesermann said. “They can have fun games [there] like Capture the Flag or Sardines,” Horowitz said. And Lai’s wish: “A roller coaster. A real one that you can ride.” refresh –>