International Center director to leave after end of semester

By Max Loos

Michael Monahan has served as the Director of Macalester’s International Center for nearly 17 years. This semester, though, will be his last with the college. Monahan announced in January that he will be leaving Macalester after the end of the current semester, bringing an end to a run that began in 1994.

In an email he sent to colleagues announcing his departure plans, Monahan mentioned that after spending five years at Macalester, it had officially been the longest he had lived in one country since high school.

In the email, Monahan also thanked his colleagues for the many years of collaboration on a number of projects, expressing mixed emotions about leaving Mac.

“Seldom are human emotions unalloyed,” he wrote. “The memories are many and good.”

Monahan has accepted an offer to work as the President of BCA, which he described in the email as a “small.not-for-profit international education organization.” BCA, which stands for Brethren Colleges Abroad, was founded in 1962 and operates peace and justice-focused study abroad programs in 18 different countries.

Until he leaves, though, Monahan said in his email that he will remain committed to his work at the Macalester International Center.

“At Macalester there is still much to be accomplished in support of our internationalist mission, programs and services, and I will continue to work hard in our Institute for Global Citizenship.up to the moment of my departure,” he wrote.

Monahan declined to comment on his departure at this time.