Hot water flow returned to Turck

By Jens Tamang

After a five-day hiatus, hot water has returned to Turck.In its absence, Turck residents settled for cold showers or had to find alternative bathing methods.

“I first noticed the hot water was off when some girl in my class walked out of the bathroom shivering,” said Maya Daniels ’12. Some residents opted to shower in other dorms, and others limited their shower use to the Leonard Center.

“There were several issues with the water heater,” said Curt Stainbrook, Mechanical Systems Manager in Facilities Management. “A control circuit board burned out and had to be replaced; two temperature sensors were not working and had to be replaced; and the vent line on the natural gas regulator had become restricted over time with dirt, debris, bugs, water, etc.”

Stainbrook explained that it took longer to fix due to the multitude of factors contributing to the malfunction. Luckily, the vent line was replaced and a cap and screen will be added to prevent it from clogging up again.

Joe Kaufman, Doty and Turck Residence Hall Director, said he was impressed with the way the residents handled the malfunction and the diligence with which Facilities Management resolved the problem.

“The mechanical staff definitely understands the need for an adequate supply of hot water,” Stainbrook added. “They worked diligently to get this back on line as soon as they could.