Go to sleep

By Naomi Guttman

After just a month at Mac, I’ve already taken note of two major gripes among the student body: the hours of Café Mac – particularly with regards to the late hour at which brunch starts on the weekends – and the fact that the library is not open twenty-four hours, as many of its counterparts across other college campuses are. While the arguments against these time constraints are quite valid – mainly, that some students want to get up early or have work on the weekends, or that others need access to the library’s resources well past the young hour of 1 am – step back from the goggles of budgetary matters that we often use to accredit these restrictions, and think of the matter from the point of view of the Mom of the student body: the Health and Wellness Center. With their “Give Your Grades 20 Minutes” campaign and new sleep programs being taught to a percentage of first-year courses, the HWC clearly cares about Mac students’ remembering to get some shut-eye. And thus, maybe cutting the always-hungry college population off from food until 10 am and prying us away from the library at one in the morning is a subtle way of saying “Let yourself sleep in,” or “Stop working for now. Go to sleep and start again in the morning.” After all, studies have shown that late-night cramming is often more detrimental to one’s grades than beneficial. And hey, breakfast opens nice and early on the weekdays, right? refresh –>