Franz Meyer elected new MCSG President

By Emily Howland, Hattie Stahl

In the Macalester College Student Government (MCSG) Executive Board Election Wednesday, Franz Meyer ’09 won the presidential race and Brian Stephenson ’10 won for vice president.”I’m really excited,” said Meyer after learning of the results. “For me, it’s been more than the past ten days… I’m excited about putting into place all the ideas I’ve been talking about so much recently.”

With no clear majority for the presidential votes after the first round, the race was finally decided after a voter run-off in which the third-place candidate was removed and those votes were recounted according to voters’ second preference. The first round yielded Meyer in the lead with 45.8 percent of votes. Joe Radinovich ’08 was in second with 26.3 percent of the votes and Brittany Lewis ’09 had 25.2 percent of the votes.

After the second round Meyer won with 64.9 percent, followed by Radinovich, who had 35.1 percent of the votes.

Stephenson won the vice presidential race with 55 percent of the vote.

Other winners include: Henrik Hakonsen ’09 as the Financial Affairs Commission Chair, Soham Banerji ’10 as the Student Services Commission Chair, Alison Tray ’09 as Academic Affairs Commission Chair, and Maria Schirmer ’08 as Program Board Chair.

The voter turnout was 49.5 percent of the student body. Last year’s approximate voter turn out rate was 40 percent, according to The Mac Weekly, April 8, 2006.