Financial affairs commission chair

By Alex James

My name is Alex James, and I am running for the Financial Affairs Commission Chair of MCSG. To begin, I strongly believe that the current chair, Henrik Hakonsen, has led the FAC admirably, displaying stability and an uncanny political assuredness that I plan to emulate. Henrik’s deft handling of various situations is actually one of the main reasons for my candidacy, along with a desire to further help Macalester cultural orgs fulfill their missions. I believe that I will be able to smoothly handle the delicate interaction between student organizations and the FAC, as I am currently on the FAC, and a member of BLAC’s Executive Board (I will also serve on the board in a different capacity next year). In addition to being a student, I am also a Blue Monkey and an Off-Campus Student Employee.Having been on both sides of the FAC, I feel that there are a few changes that would greatly benefit the student body, the FAC, and MCSG. First on my agenda as FAC chair is to improve communication between the student orgs and the FAC. How many org leaders know that the FAC currently meets on Sunday nights? Or that student orgs must submit additional Allocations request is due two weeks before an event? Simple facts along these lines are major factors in whether or not an event receives funding- if an organization doesn’t get their Additional Allocations request in on time, or misses a FAC meeting, their funding is jeopardized.

Moreover, a formalized process for alerting orgs as to whether or not they received funds is essential, as is a system for letting orgs know their current fund balance. These two seemingly simple ideas could radically streamline student orgs’ ability to conduct business and plan events.

I plan to initiate a closer working relationship between the Student Services Chair and the FAC Chair, and their respective commissions. This could lead to increased support for student orgs, and serve to facilitate increased communication between orgs and MCSG.

In running for FAC Chair, I welcome input as to how I could better serve the Macalester student body, and how the position can be improved. The FAC Chair is meant to be accessible and visible, but this takes time, and I’d like to start now.

Thank you for your time, and remember to vote in the MCSG Executive Board Election on April 9.

Contact Alex James ’09, candidate for Financial Affairs Commission Chair, at [email protected]