Field house closed for a week due to minor maintenance

By Daniel Kerwin

The field house in the Leonard Center has been closed since Monday, and not many people are really sure why.The answer is that some minor painting touchups were done earlier this week, and a take off board was also added for the long jump/triple jump pit.

“We had lines that weren’t down on the triple jump and long jump, we expanded the basketball courts, which had to be wider, and we put in full length men’s 3-point lines,” Athletic Director Kim Chandler said.

From now until Monday, we’re just waiting for the paint to dry.

“The work’s done. Now we just have to go through this cure time, and that’s why the facility is still down,” Chandler said. “It was important to get things done now and get them done in a timely fashion.”

The Alumni Gymnasium has also been closed the past two days, but will reopen tomorrow. The reason is that the referee platform for volleyball games was set up on the wrong side of the net and is being moved to the other side.

Recently, lockers arrived for the varsity locker rooms, and on Wednesday benches were set up on the Shaw Field side of the building, so gradually the facility is nearing completion.

“As we’ve gotten into the building, it’s just a matter now of becoming aware of some of the needs we should address,” Chandler said. “We’re going to grow into it.