Fall TV: Wednesday night is ladies' night

By Amy Shaunette

Among all the family sitcoms and reality shows, there is a true gem on the fall television roster: “Gossip Girl.” Based on Cecily von Ziegesar’s wildly popular book series, the teen drama premiered on The CW last Wednesday, making millions of loyal female readers incandescently happy.
Created, written and produced by “The OC” creator, Josh Schwartz, the show promises all the drama and glamour of its West Coast predecessor. It follows the rich, beautiful, and deeply troubled teenagers of a New York City private school, whose lives are more complicated and dark than one might guess. Sure enough, in the pilot episode’s first five minutes, there was a ritzy party, hot sex, cheating, suicide, underage drinking and marijuana use. It was sheer bliss. And to prove it, I give you the top three quotes from the pilot episode:1. “Blair, you will never be as beautiful, as thin, or as happy as you are right now. I want you to make the most of it,” said Blair’s mother, who obviously has very healthy messages for her daughter.

2. “Do you ever feel like our whole lives have been planned out for us? Like we’re going to end up like our parents,” said Nate, being extremely insightful and orginal.

3. “It’s a party. Things happen,” said Chuck, justifying his attempt at date rape.

Meaningful quotes aside, the show really is one of the better teen dramas I’ve seen. Schwartz’s mark is detectable in every scene-the fashion, the inclusion of the parent’s lives, the hip music (Air, Peter Bjorn and John and Amy Winehouse were featured in the pilot). If the quality of the Arts sections suddenly plummets, it’s because I’ll be spending a lot less time in the office on Wednesdays. With “Gossip Girl” on the air, Wednesdays will never be the same.