Faces of Café Mac: Holly Branville

By Karen Weldon

Having worked four years with Bon Appetit, Café Mac lead worker Holly Branville seems to be everywhere at Macalester’s dining facilities: manning the cash register at Café Mac, organizing the student workers, cleaning the tables, serving at Scotty’s and taking orders at the Grillé. Although Branville has a demanding job at Bon Appetit, outside work she leads a busy life as a single mother with partial custody of her two-and-half-year-old daughter, Ava. “It’s very challenging. You have to figure out how to juggle your time and figure out who and what and where and when … but I do my best and manage well,” Branville said. Branville and her daughter are very close, so when her daughter is under her care, Branville likes to plan activities for the two of them to do together. From singing and playing computer games, to visiting the Como Zoo and Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America, Branville and her daughter always have a good time together. When the weather is nice, Branville incorporates her love of the outdoors into their activities. The two of them have spent many summer days at lakeside beaches and water parks. Even though caring for Ava can sometimes be a hassle, Branville delights in watching Ava grow. From her daughter’s sophisticated taste in music—she doesn’t like children’s songs—to her developing speaking abilities—her newest word is ‘complications’—Branville takes pride in her daughter’s developing tastes and increasing knowledge. “She learns something new every day, and she just blows my mind,” Branville said. “I could be in the worst mood ever, but she can still bring a smile to my face.” Branville’s life is busy already, and it will soon be even more hectic. Branville plans to go to school next year to get a degree in Business Management and Accounting. As of now, Branville has not decided where she will go to school, but she plans to continue working full-time at Macalester to support herself and her child. “I’d like to stay with [Bon Appetit] and get a management position,” Branville said. refresh –>