EPAG to shift Fall 2008 academic schedule due to Republican National Convention

By Mac Weekly Staff

The Educational Policy and Governance Committee (EPAG) will soon discuss a change in the academic calendar for fall 2008, when the Republican National Convention will take place in St. Paul. Orientation activities and move-in, typically held over Labor Day weekend, are likely to be held one week earlier, as they would otherwise coincide with the beginning of the GOP convention, which will be held at the Xcel Energy Center.”From what we understand, they will come in the weekend before and literally all the hotels in the area will be booked,” Dean of Academic Programs Ellen Guyer said. “Some of them already are.”

According to Guyer, the semester must begin earlier to fit in the required number of class days before running up against the winter holidays. The J-term break will thus be one week longer since it will begin a week early. The spring semester will begin at the regular time in January.

Guyer said that there was no controversy over the schedule change among EPAG members, but that the actual laying out of the calendar had been delayed.