Dupre jumper in intensive care

By Amy Lieberman

A male University of Minnesota first-year jumped through a third floor window in Dupre early last Thursday morning, prompting rumors of drug use across campus in the following days. The student was visiting a Macalester first-year, who declined to speak with The Mac Weekly.
Dean of Students Laurie Hamre said she received a call at 7:30 on Thursday morning notifying her of the incident. According to the Macalester Bulletin, the student jumped from the window at approximately 6:30 a.m.

“I was told that a young man had gone through the window, and police and an ambulance were there,” Hamre said.

Hamre said that as of Friday evening, according to the student’s father, he remained in Intensive Care, but had not sustained injuries past broken bones.

Hamre said that prior to the accident, the student was “engaged in erratic behavior,” but declined to respond to claims of drug use.

“I have no idea what he was on,” she said.

The Dupre 3 Resident Assistant (RA), Carolina More-Solano ’09, also would not elaborate on the student’s specific state.

One Dupre 3 resident, who wished to remain anonymous, took a definite stance.

“He was having a bad trip,” she said, referring to an LSD-induced experience.

This resident said her room was right across from the one from where the student jumped, and that she heard shouting in the hallway early Thursday morning.

The noise roused her from bed, and when she went into the hallway, she was met by several other floor residents and a very confusing scene.

“I was shook up, but at the same time, it was so out of the ordinary,” she said. “It wasn’t as frightening as it could have been.”

Galen Baynes ’08, a Facilities Management student employee, said that when he arrived at work early Thursday morning, he saw the bloodied glass that had been removed from outside Dupre.

“I heard really basic rumors that a kid in Dupre was naked, attacked a janitor, then punched his hand through a window and jumped out of it,” he said.

Hamre said that there was a Macalester staff member involved in the events, but declined to reveal any details.
“There is a huge issue of confidentiality,” she said. “When it is an issue like this, you have to protect the students.”