Creative Writing Corner

By Legacy Russell

ABOUT ME: i am probably in love with you i am probably watching you i am probably sleeping with your boyfriend or i probably don’t know you but damn i sure wish i did i sure wish you could look at my face i am wishing i could see the way you look at the picture of me i took on iCamera tilted back so my chin
doesn’t look so fat I HATE THE WAY MY CHIN LOOKS IN PHOTOGRAPHS! i am probably in love with you but am being the bigger man i am a big girl i am LACOSTE i am TRIDENT i am SCIENTOLOGY i look sad but i am REALLY HAPPY i am not a painter i am uncomplicated! i am delicious! i am FREE FRIDAY NIGHT AFTER 8PM-
ABOUT ME: chinless/probably in love with you/probably watching you/probably sleeping with your boyfriend/maybe your sister/I WANT EASY MAC!
ABOUT ME: i think your dad is hot, i am probably tired i am pleased yes i am pleased reading Niezche i am sorry reading Lacan i am pious reading X-Men i am eating a potato while reading Laura Mulvey so i can learn how i can truncate your head from your body without feeling like such a creep
ABOUT ME: i want you headless i am LOOKING FOR: WHATEVER I CAN GET i am CHINLESS and LOOKING FOR: FRIENDSHIP i am IN A RELATIONSHIP but IT’S COMPLICATED i am INTERESTED IN: Men! i am INTERESTED IN: Women! I AM NOT.GAY.I.SWEAR i am probably fucking your momma but you don’t know this-
ABOUT ME: i am fucking your momma and want you headless, face stuck in the box floating like Casper right above EDIT MY PROFILE