Concert Review: Turquoise Jeep

Flynt Flossy, Pretty Raheem, Watchyamacallit, and Yung Humma took to the stage Thursday, February 9th at the Triple Rock Social Club above a crowd of young Twin Cities fans decked out in turquoise and in love with their group, Turquoise Jeep.

A YouTube sensation, Turquoise Jeep is a group of self-proclaimed “existing musical beings.” With songs such as “Shuyamouf,” “Fried or Fertilized,” and “Can He Move It Like This?” the Jeep does not take itself too seriously, but is always serious about the quality of their performance.

At Thursday night’s show, the Jeep came onstage one by one beginning with Raheem as they sang “Cavities.” They were sporting their own t-shirts, which many of the attending Macalester students were donning as well.

Tommy Symmes ‘13 said, “My opinion on the concert is perhaps best summed up in a Yung Humma quote: ‘mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm’.”

Their fans, known as Jeep Riders, put most fan bases to shame on Thursday, knowing every lyric, dance move, and trying to touch the hands of Jeep members in order to come in contact with a little of that turquoise swag.

The group’s dancing was even better in person than in their hysterical music videos. The moves of dance master Flossy particularly awed fans, though Humma and Whatchyamacallit were spectacular as well.

Ellen Coble ‘13 described the group as “a well oiled machine.” Coble enjoyed Flossy’s dance moves, as she said, “his facial hair and pelvic thrusts… just…wow.”

When the Jeep introduced a new, unreleased song, “Do You Want To Touch It?,” the crowd really got involved. For the song,the Jeep asked the crowd, well, “Do you want to touch it?” which was followed by the female Jeep Riders answering “Yes, I do,” and the male Riders replying “Put your hands on it then.”

Tanur Badgley ’14 was a fan of the new song, saying, “I liked how involved everyone was with this song and found the overtly sexual content pretty funny.”

Though one might want to call the group a satirical internet success, the Jeep feels otherwise. Flossy explains on their website, “Everything is not meant to be understood. You feel me baby? We don’t want to be categorized. We don’t want to be defined.”

Drew Mintz ’14 said of the group, “Turquoise Jeep has become the standard to which all youtube comedy/music acts should aspire.”

Turquoise Jeep has certainly made its impact on the Macalester community, inspiring Symmes, Bo Scarim ’13 and Freddy Kamps ’13 to perform Slick Mahoney’s single Go Grab My Belt at last year’s Relay for Life (Mahoney was unfortunately absent at Thursday’s concert). Flossy’s decision to end the concert with “Did I Mention I Like To Dance,” took the crowd’s dance enthusiasm to another level completely.

If you made it to the Dodos show last year during Springfest, you may remember a shout out from frontman Meric Long, who said, “Lemme smang it, girl,” in reference to Humma’s song, “Lemme Smang It.” Apparently, even the Dodos are fans.