Comedic duo ‘Everyone is Gay’ to visit campus

By Amy Lebowitz

In contrast to the recent spate of politically-themed events at Macalester, this Monday, October 15 promises a change of pace in the form of Everyone is Gay, a comedic duo of ladies who “give advice to those who are confused about sexuality, gender-identity, dating, falling in love, or even dressing up like Super Woman. They also visit high schools and college campuses nationwide to help bring change and awareness while keeping everyone laughing,” according to their website. Queer Union is sponsoring the event, which will take place in Kagin at 8:30 p.m. “We’re really pumped for this event. I think everyone appreciates some good humor, but hopefully it will open up dialogue about some important issues, too, both in the gay community and the community at large,” said QU co-chair Alvin Kim ’14. Everyone is Gay, also known as Dannielle Owens-Reid and Kristin Russo, originated as an advice website in 2010. In the beginning, “it was just a side thing. We wanted to be goofy and make our friends LOL,” Owens-Reid said. “Within a few months we were hearing thoughts, questions and concerns from hundreds; we had no idea there was such a need for something like our site,” she said. “Very quickly we started to answer questions that were more serious in nature. Our cornerstone is still (and always will be) humor, but we can answer the serious questions with a light-hearted feel and still give great advice.” Although the live show is different from the written advice, QU is confident that the appeal of Everyone is Gay will translate and be received positively by Mac. “I love that they talk about love, dating, coming out, uncertain identities, fluid sexuality and tons of other stuff within the queer community, mostly, and they do so in a very happy and fun way,” said QU co-chair Mary Hellmich ’15. “I’m so excited for their energy to be brought to campus; their uber-quirky sense of humor will jive superbly with all the funny/awkward that is Mac.” In addition to the main portion of the show, which is mostly scripted dialogue “based on kindness, acceptance and daily acts of change,” according to Owens-Reid, the duo also holds a question-and-answer session at the end, which returns more to the advice format. “I think we both love the Q&A portion. The presentation itself is something we’re both very proud of, but afterward when we get to dialogue with folks on the campus and answer their questions and hear what they have to say, that’s when we really feel like we’re making a change,” Owens-Reid said. “We get to actually talk to these people about the things we said and how they can implement these things in everyday life. It’s pretty cool to see that our message is resonating right then and there.” In both parts of the the show, however, in addition to insight and advice, Everyone is Gay promises to provide humor. “They’re hilarious and give really uplifting and comical advice to problems that frequently get responded to in a depressing manner,” Hellmich said. “Neither of us really goes out of the way to ‘be funny’ or ‘be insightful’. We’ve just been through a lot in our very different lives and we’ve found that the best way to get through things is to recognize what it is you’re actually going through,” Owens-Reid said. “Take a second to find the humor in a situation. Life is a lot easier when you’re not so serious all the time.” refresh –>