Burning Questions


We’ve been asking representatives of student organizations what they think Macalester’s greatest challenge is. We’re going to keep talking to orgs about this, and we also want to hear (and ask) your questions. We welcome your submissions at [email protected]:
As the MacDems, we strive to promote Democratic ideals and political awareness on campus. Nonetheless, Macalester’s liberal atmosphere can at times be constricting, even for a Democratic group. This lack of bipartisan political discussion is one of the major challenges facing Macalester’s community. It is important for a college to foster an appreciation for both sides of current political issues. In a campus that prides itself on diversity and respect, it is crucial that these values are reflected in the school’s political climate. We very infrequently have the opportunity to be presented with all sides of a political issue. With this mind, we are happy to have collaborated with the Program Board and Mac GOP to bring to campus, Donna Brazile and Ron Christie, two renowned political figures with very different outlooks on the upcoming presidential election. We hope that Macalester embraced this opportunity to expand its awareness of competing political ideologies.

Mac GOP:
Macalester College places great importance on internationalism and multiculturalism. Therefore, it takes great pride in the “diversity” of its student body and faculty. However, the definition that is being used to describe diversity can be misleading. This narrow meaning assumes that one’s race/ethnicity determines one’s worldview and life experiences. It is thought that if the numbers of ethnicities on campus increase, then, so too will diversity. Though, what is so diverse about a campus where people of different colors or cultures all share the same point of view? A campus that is dominated by one viewpoint is the exact opposite of what we claim to have. A greater emphasis needs to be placed on the diversity of thought. This will allow students to grow intellectually by enabling them to challenge their beliefs.

Feminists in Action Students Against Rape & Sexual Assault (FIA STARSA):
The most important obstacle facing Macalester today is the isolation of feminism and other -isms within the world of academia. As a result of this alienation from reality, Macalester has increasingly neglected the significance and impact of personal self-criticism. In order to understand how deeply rooted prejudices are within society, we must allow ourselves, as participants in this society, to scrutinize our everyday interactions and behaviors. We can promote notions of equality by changing our behaviors and daily interactions, not just by writing academic papers.