Bring Prudence single

By Maya A. Weisinger

Bring Prudence (aka Oleh Zaychenko ’12) has been hiding in the wings ever since his flourishing 2011 EP release, Engineers. The new single, Aliens, represents more than a spot of time off for the growing artist. With a clearer direction in style and musical intent, Zaychenko has carved a niche into the local music scene with his own two hands and the skill of a limited set of tools. As a solo act, Zaychenko takes each fragment of his creation into his own terms, meticulously tweaking every element until he’s made something that can only be recognized as the melancholic austerity of Bring Prudence. Aliens brings a new shade of talent and coherence to the table: his instrumental composition in this new track has definitely shed light on his improved ability to build a bundle of individual parts onto each other and still keep the sound of the song uncluttered and lilting. The introduction of a major horn section in the song is a good choice for Zaychenko, considering the timbre of them and his voice compliment each other very well. This track instills in the listener a little sense of yearning for what will probably be a well-rounded and satisfying album. The lyrical poignancy in combination with the full, unobtrusive sound in Aliens will set the stage for a steady rise in listenership and popularity in the upcoming months, I can almost guarantee it. In fact, it’s already happening. Jon Schober of the Current has already posted a praising review of Zaychenko’s song on the Local Radar. This Sunday’s Local Show on The Current will feature the new single, the third week in a row a Mac music act has been featured. Zaychenko’s musical style and approach continues to change and evolve. Aliens represents a fresh stage of his metamorphosis that is well worth the cocooned wait. refresh –>