Battle of the Bands Lineup


Bad Bad Hats Bad Bad Hats is a band started by Mac seniors Kerry Alexander and Chris Hoge. They just released their first EP, “Grow Up” which was featured on The Current’s Local Show. It’s indie + attitude, for a style that is “cute, twee-inspired, but definitely not underwhelming” (Thank you for that, Current). Kerry works the up-do. Chris pumps beats. And Noah Boswell (‘14) holds it down on the bass. Carroll Carroll was a twinkle in your father’s eye. Carroll was your grandmother’s name and the street you grew up on. Carroll is the combined effort of people who eat, sleep, and dream in close proximity to one another. Brian Hurlow, Chris Hoge, Charlie Rudoy, and Max Kulicke gathered together their guitars and synths, their basses and percussion and did what felt right. They stopped running away from Pop and instead invited it in for a snack in a house made of candy, only to lock it in a cage and fatten it up for their own devices. Carroll has been found on quite a few stages around the Twin Cities, including basements and Minneapolis Fucking Rocks showcases. In February, Carroll won Humans Win! recording studio’s first annual songwriting contest, allowing them to record an EP at the Northeast Minneapolis studio. In March, the song “Big Apple” was featured on The Current’s Local Show and has been in rotation on air since then. If their sound is anything, it’s eerie warmth- a Minnesota winter that barely goes below zero. Maeth Maeth is a heavy, progressive, psychedelic band. We embrace the the term Metal, but don’t restrict our sound to any one genre. All our members have divergent musical tastes that help create something unique. Our music is visceral, emotional, and it asks the listener to participate actively. Right now our lineup includes Jay Schwartz (‘12) on drums, David Ports (‘13) on guitar, and Boone Epstein (‘13) on bass. Word on the street Founded after winter break, Word on the Street has been playing together for roughly seven weeks. We are comprised of 5 freshmen and 1 sophomore. (Rob Granfelt ‘15, Nick Mirza ‘15, Geoff Willis ‘15, Sherif Tawfik ‘14, Perry Campbell ‘15, and Charlie Stanton ‘15).Our members hail from San Diego, Seattle, Washington D.C., Chicago, Providence, and Beloit, WI. We all come from different musical backgrounds, including jazz, rock, hip-hop, and even baroque. The mission of Word on the Street is to bring all of our musical experiences together and create something new and original. We stay in the pocket and just rock out. Blue Heron Unlike their avian counterparts which are found all over North and Central America, Blue Heron (the band) is only found in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Again unlike the bird whose call is, according to Wikipedia, “a harsh croak,” Blue Heron (the band) is better known for writing catchy, sexy tunes combining electronic elements such as synthesizer and drum machines with tightly locking guitar melodies. However, both band and bird share a sense of majesty, inspiring awe in all those who view them. The band consists of Nate Hart-Andersen, Keith Armstrong, and Charles McClung, and will be joined in the Battle of the Bands by Charlie Rudoy on drums. On Friday, Blue Heron is ready to take flight! Replicas Replicas consists of Will Kennedy ‘14, Rebecca Shapiro ‘14, Emma Brainerd ‘14, Maxray Savage ‘13, Maggie Molter ‘14, and Geoff Willis ‘15. Building a strong following for the last two years, Replicas have been playing all over campus and the Twin Cities. They are influenced by many a musical act, including Toe, Son Lux, Lymbyc Systym, Witt, Dirty Projectors, Beyonce, Cat Power, Beirut, Rachimaninoff, Muse, Caribou, WHY?, Modest Mouse, and The Replacements.