Anti-War Rally Held Tuesday on Bateman Plaza

By Kayla Burchuk

Tuesday’s anti-war walkout sparked an intense outpouring of progressive political sentiment when roughly two hundred people gathered on Bateman Plaza to speak out against the continuing occupation of Iraq on the fourth anniversary of the war’s initiation. Students, professors, and community members raised their voices against the war in the form of song, adlib political commentary, and slam poetry.
Political Science professor Paul Dosh read an original poem commemorating the Shock and Awe aerial campaign that began the war, illustrating the consequences of violence wielded by American military power. Philosophy professor Henry West expressed his hope that the attitudes felt there would enact tangible social change as he had witnessed in the Civil Rights and anti-war movements of the 1960s. Erik Forman ‘08 elicited shouts of approval from some of those gathered when he declared, “I don’t want to live in a box; I want a revolution!”
Eventually the rhetoric of the event turned to an outspoken critique of various power structures, including the college administration, prompting a procession into Weyerhaeuser Hall led by Forman. Clutching tee shirts printed with anti-war slogans on site, some attendees marched into the building shouting “four years too long!”