An ode to Safewalk

By Yeukai Mudzi

Dear Safewalkers, I could not have made it without you. Walking past the Janet Wallace construction site, and through the parking lot close to facilities, alone, every night, would have been absolutely terrifying and unsettling (I tried it once last year, and started calling Safewalk ever since). I know your t-shirts say “It’s awkward for us, too,” but as you all probably know, it was never awkward for me. I enjoyed every walk and all the conversations we had. Regardless of which pair was walking me, we always found something to talk about—from sharing about our hometowns, to spring break updates, to Winter Ball horrors, and lately to finals’ week schedules. It’s always difficult to meet the new first year students when one lives off campus, but Safewalk has provided me with a great opportunity to remain connected to new Mac community members these past two years. To both former and current Safewalkers who have walked me to and from the library these past two years, thank you! I couldn’t have gotten as much homework done if I didn’t have you guys to count on for an escort every night. All the best with the rest of your time at Mac, and to the one senior, with life after Mac 🙂 I’ll miss you guys! From your loyal—and I hear, only—consistent client, Yeukai, a.k.a “The girl from the bush.” Those who walked me in my junior year get this 🙂
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