All Around the Liberal Arts

By Alex Park

University of St. Thomas
UST administrators are beginning to engage in organized talks addressing diversity, race, gender and sexual orientation, aspects that, in their absence, contribute to a climate of “perceived discrimination” on campus, according to the St. Thomas Aquin.
Though some unnamed students have raised their voices in protest, asserting that the St. Thomas administration is simply doing too little too late to encourage diversity on campus, top level administrators such as Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer, Thomas Rochon insist that this is enough for now: “Sometimes, especially in regard to climate, talk is action.”
President and Monsignor Dennis Dease, who has consistently met with Rochon and others over breakfast to discuss the matter, added that the talks were going well, producing “concrete suggestions” that would eventually lead to “strategies” for “short and long-term recommendations” for action ƒ?” the ultimate goal of the administrators’ breakfast campaign. Surely diversity advocates throughout Minnesota will be lauding efforts of such continental proportions for many mornings to come.
Hamline University
Students and faculty at Hamline recently hosted a competitive dodgeball tournament to raise money for relief efforts on the Gulf Coast in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, according to the Hamline’s student newspaper, the Oracle. Thirteen teams competed in the event, which was held in early December, attracting 8-12 member teams from colleges and universities throughout Minnesota. Aside from extra revenues brought in from tee-shirt sales, the event raised just under one thousand dollars, part of which will be devoted to Hamline students bound for Louisiana to assist efforts to rebuild devastated neighborhoods there.
A Bethel University student expressed her joy at the end of the tournament: “As Christians, our team was proud to support a cause that will help students going down to New Orleans, as well as the people they will be helping on their trip. We had a lot of fun and would do it again.”
Hamline won.