All Around the Liberal Arts

By Clara McConnell, Sara Nelson

A malfunction in Tufts University’s Student Information System (SIS) disrupted the school’s registration process and prevented students from accessing class information from Monday night until Tuesday morning, the Tufts Daily reported Wednesday.

Students were unable to check the availability of classes and could not register during their allotted timeslots. The disruption particularly affected sophomores, who were scheduled to register Monday and Tuesday.

The problem stemmed from a miscommunication between the software vendor and Tufts, Director of Internet Technology Training Dawn Irish told the Daily.

Six students were arrested for criminal trespassing on government property after refusing to leave an Armed Forces Recruiting Station in Times Square. According to the The Misc, the students, who were protesting the military’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy, had a personal connection to the protest since one of them attempted to enlist but was turned away because he is openly gay.
The students spent one night in jail before the judge cleared them and they could post bail with money supporters had raised.
Forty-nine Vassar students accompanied those participating in civil disobedience by standing in front of the building holding signs to protest the military policy. The signs read “End Government Sanctioned Discrimination” and “Right to Serve.”

While their fellow students were busy studying, or more likely sleeping, eight Williams first-years spent a recent Wednesday night cavorting through campus in an elaborate attempt to steal a giant pumpkin.

According to The Williams Record, in order to pull off the heist, one student snuck into the Snack Bar just prior to its closing at 12:30 a.m. and waited until all dining services staff and janitors had left the building. When his accomplices outside gave him the go ahead via text message, the student crawled out from beneath the salad bar, his covert hiding spot, to locate the giant pumpkin.

Meanwhile, his fellow thieves pulled a large vehicle up to the building’s loading dock and helped to load the pumpkin. They proceeded to transport the oversized squash to the Frosh Quad for all to see.
Disciplinary actions are currently underway.