All Around the Liberal Arts

By Matt Won

Oberlin College I like your and I want to it.

Are you as into that as I am?

Oberlin recently held its Safe Sex Night, a school-sponsored dance party attended by hundreds and derided by conservatives as “an orgy held on campus,” according to The Oberlin Review. Most people got as naked as possible, with girls wearing candy thongs and “condoms taped over their nipples.”

Staff members mingled with buckets of condoms, lube and dental dams, and the music stopped occasionally for demonstrations of safe sex methods. `Hundreds of stickers were printed up reading variations of the phrase “I like your ____ and I want to ____ it. Are you as into that as I am?” Other school-sponsored workshops include how to safely practice BDSM.

Princeton University

Got rising energy costs? Just raise tuition…

Princeton recently assessed rising energy fees as costing the University $3.7 million, The Daily Princetonian reported. Last year, those costs and increased new-teacher hires cost the school $4 million. These new costs will not only result in cuts elsewhere, but ironically have left funding lacking for energy conservation projects as well, endangering Princeton’s status as a “leader of energy conservation programs.”

This year’s deficits were partially covered by a 5 percent raise in tuition, as well as recommendations to “fill vacant housing units” and “reduce transfers from the operating budget to the renovations budget.”

St. Olaf College

Streaking ends runners’ streak

The St. Olaf Men’s Cross Country team forfeited a meet on Oct. 15 due to what was apparently only the latest in a string of streaking incidents, according to St. Olaf’s newspaper, The Manitou Messenger. On Sept. 28, approximately 20 men from the team ran through a comedian’s routine in a meeting hall, interrupting the show. “The performing comedian appeared amused.” In 2004, the team won its first MIAC championship since 1976, but the Oct. 15 forfeit was the last meet before the MIAC Championships. Despite dropping out of the rankings, with their last meet Sept. 30, the team finished 3rd at the Oct. 29 championships.