Advisory group assesses capital campaign goals

By Amy Ledig

Addressing the capital campaign’s current progress and future plans, the newly formed Campus Campaign Advisory Group held its first meeting last week. The capital campaign is the college’s current $150 million fundraising drive. In addition to updating faculty and staff on the campaign’s progress and plans, the advisory group allows interested parties on campus to provide feedback about the capital campaign.

The group is composed of faculty and administration leaders from offices throughout the college, including Athletic Director Travis Feezell, Director of Financial Aid Brian Lindeman, Provost Diane Michelfelder, Dean of Students and Vice President of Student Affairs Laurie Hamre, Vice President for Administration and Finance David Wheaton, President Brian Rosenberg and chairs of some academic departments. Student government president Jess Hasken ‘07 serves as a student representative.

The current capital campaign will provide funding for various projects on campus, including the coming athletic facility and planned projects such as a new Fine Arts center and a building for the Institute for Global Citizenship. The college’s endowment will also benefit from the drive.

The current goal for the campaign is to raise $150 million in five years. So far, $52 million has been raised, of which $12.8 million is for the athletic building, $5.5 million for the Fine Arts center, $3.25 million is for the Institute for Global Citizenship and $13 million for the endowment.

“It’s good to get the group together to talk about the challenges to convince people that Macalester is the right place to donate money,” Tommy Bonner, Vice President for Advancement said.