Academic affairs commision chair candidate

By Martin Mudry

I am running for Macalester’s Academic Affairs Commission Chair and I’m seeking your votes. This position will build on my experiences this year, as a junior, serving the Mac community as the Student Representative to the Board of Trustees’ Academic Affairs Committee. I have established solid relationships with the Board of Trustees, the Faculty and the student government and will use my influence to institute changes that will be of immediate benefit to our community. Here are a couple of ideas based on my personal experiences at Mac:I’d like to work to create a Student Project Grant.

I see this as a grant that students would be able to apply for during their undergraduate careers at Macalester to pursue an interest, project or research that they are passionate about. I envision a program similar to the Watson Fellowship, where students could create a proposal, and if accepted receive funds to complete their project or research and present their projects to the community at an open presentation or reception.

I also think it’s important to start a discussion on Macalester’s Study Abroad Policies.

As you may know, currently Macalester students are not allowed to study abroad or receive any credit for independent study in countries that are on the US State Department’s Travel Advisory list. I believe that Macalester, a school that prides itself on being in the forefront of internationalism, should not have such a restrictive policy. Peer institutions allow for case by case or country by country evaluations that ensure the safety of their students while staying independent from political factors that influence the State Department’s list. Macalester should have a policy that allows for the knowledge of our faculty and students to be the basis for determining if a particular country is safe and feasible to study or do research in.

I am eager to hear from all of you about other ideas you would like to address.

I welcome you to join my campaign group on Facebook. Please tell your friends that I am running and would love to work with all of you next year on relevant issues. If you have specific questions feel free to e-mail, or stop me on campus. My current ideas are just that, ideas. I look forward to hearing more student feedback now and next year.

Martin Mudry ’09, candidate for Academic Affairs Commission Chair, can be reached at [email protected]