A word from the Student Liaison to the Board of Trustees

By Yeukai Mudzi

Before I applied to be the student liaison I had no idea who the board of trustees was and what they did, neither did I know who the student reps were. As such, I come to this position with the goal of ensuring visibility of both reps and trustees. Furthermore, I’m a relationships-oriented person and this is something I hope to bring to the table this year. I would like students and trustees to get to know each other better for it is through the fostering of trust that we will better understand each other and in turn better collaborate in ensuring that Macalester’s decisions reflect its mission both in the short and long-term. Students, let’s work together to ensure that Macalester is a sustainable, progressive and excellent education institution that provides meaningful experiences for all of us and prepares us for the world beyond our bubble. If we the reps don’t approach you when you have an opinion please feel free to email us. I commit to serving the student body to the best of my ability and ensuring that the trustees hear your voice and that you hear the trustees’ voices.