A range of views: What function should the Institute for Global Citizenship serve?


The question:What function should the Institute for Global Citizenship serve?

The answers:

Danni Sigwalt ’08: American Studies and English majors

The function of the Institute should be to encourage students to learn about our position(s) of privilege relative to others, how that can best be negotiated, and only from that point, it should encourage us to explore where and how our compassionate work can effect the most beneficial change to the world.

Brittni Chicuata ’08: American Studies major

The Institute should function as a liaison between domestic and international issues, not just in rhetoric but in coursework and civic engagement.

Cecily Castle ’10: History major

The Institute should house people, since we have a housing problem, not a global citizenship problem.

Liz Scholz ’10: Anthropology major

While the mission seems all well and good, the Institute may not result in concrete actions. I hope that the Institute, among other things, creates a change that all students can feel and be actively involved in. I hope it’s not just another thing some students are very involved in while others don’t even know it exists.