(Not a lot of) Sex & the Cities


ANNA CHASTAIN Q: I feel that the male voice is missing from your column. You make us sound like evil creatures who are only interested in sex sometimes. Don’t you feel that a male opinion would enrich your column? I’m not saying I don’t enjoy the commentary of 2 fine women.

– Concerned evil sex crazed creature.

A: How interesting. You’ll notice we rarely gender our responses. We aren’t sure what you’re getting at about the lack of a male voice, and, besides, we never called men evil or sex obsessed, you did. But we’re always ready to welcome your gorgeous baritone to the column. Interested? Next week: “With Tom Klink…”? We hope so, you strapping fuzzy-chested hunk.

Q: Is having sex with a stuffed animal a good substitute? How could “my friend” make it better?


A: We’d imagine that a stuffed animal is not a good substitute for… anything.

Q: I want to wax “down there” but I’m sort of nervous it will hurt a lot. Any thoughts?


A: Of course it will hurt a lot. Beauty is pain, sweetheart. Why don’t you try waxing your legs first, and if you can handle that, then move on to more sensitive regions.

Q: Vagina?

If so, why?

If not, why not?

– Confused in the Cities

A: We, too, are confused. What are you talking about? If you’re confused about your sexual orientation, we can’t help you. If your confusion relates to your own vagina… Well. We don’t know what to tell you.

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